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8th Grade Parents Zone of Choice

If you are a resident student at Patrick Henry Middle School, you live in what is considered a Zone of Choice for LAUSD. This means that you can choose to attend your regular matriculation school (Granada Hills HS or Kennedy HS, depending on where you live.) or you can apply to attend Valley Academy of Arts and Science or Northridge Academy Senior High. For those families that are interested in information on how to apply for these alternative choices, please attend the virtual meetings below.

Covid 19 Protocol Updates

We are excited to begin the new school year with you. It is recommended, but not required, for students to test within 48 hours of entering campus for the first day of school and the second week of school. Please note we have distributed rapid antigen tests to all students during orientation, and they are currently available in the Main office. We will distribute more tests in Advisory on Tuesday, August 16th. These tests have varying expiration dates; however, they are authorized for use beyond their expiration date by the California Department of Public Health. In addition, if your student has Covid-19 symptoms at any time of the year(fever, cough congestion, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea), please keep them at home and administer a rapid test immediately.

Class Schedule Change Request

The following is a google form for students and/or parents to submit requests for schedule changes. Counselors will process changes if and when possible. We appreciate your patience.

Back to School Update

*Immunizations (TDAP) for all 7th grade students*
Immunizations must be complete for students to receive schedules and attend school in August. Immunizations are available at your health care provider, and at many local pharmacies. Please submit a copy of the completed immunizations as soon as possible. They can be emailed to [email protected] or brought to the Attendance Office at Henry. We appreciate your prompt attention to the matter.

In order to participate in our August Orientation, 7th grade students must have submitted their vaccination to our Attendance Office.

August Orientation is on August 3, 4, and 5.
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