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Parents did you know...?
1. "Growth Mindset" lessons are happening in I & E classes this month for all grades!
Why is growth mindset important for College and Career readiness in middle school? Students who are able to adopt a growth mindset are able to set and achieve personal and academic goals. The program Second Step helps provide students with this support. Click to view program.
2. Wear a College T-Shirt!
Wednesday, September 29th is Wear a College T-Shirt day!
3. October College Month!
October is College Month! Students will be watching a live webinar in their I & E classes on October 1st! Panelists will include teachers from PHMS who will talk about their college experience. Student submitted questions will be presented to the panelists. 
My name is Ms. Salazar! My biggest role as a College and Career Coach is supporting teachers and students directly. I plan and teach lessons to help students become self-aware, set future goals, and become acquainted with the CSU and UC system. I join I & E classes weekly for students who are in need of extra social emotional support. Motivating students early on about their future and developing social skills will provide students with a stronger foundation going into high school and after.