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Parents did you know...?
1. All PHMS students are invited to our virtual after-school club every Wednesday!
Our after-school club allows for our students to interact outside of school hours, meet new students, and have fun! The club is monitored by me, and students should be added to the College and Career Center Schoology page before accessing the Zoom link. Please email me if you would like your student to be added.
2. Month of May!
With only a few weeks of school left, advisory lessons this month center on Social Emotional Learning and community building through art! Students will learn watercolor techniques to create a water colored postcard. 
3. March is a great month to ask your 8th grade student about high school!
Advisory lessons focusing on transitioning to high school will take place this month for 8th graders. Students who still do not know what high school they will attend please email me or 8th grade counselor Mr. Anderson for guidance. 
4. "Practicing positive Self-Talk" lessons are happening in Advisory classes this month for 6th and 7th graders!
Why is "Positive Self-Talk" important for College and Career readiness in middle school? Students who are able to identify underlying emotions that influence unhelpful thoughts and use strategies for emotional management are able to make better decisions in their daily lives with regards to academics. The program Second Step helps provide students with this support. Click to view program.
5. Parent Workshop Presentation 11/2/2020
6. If you would like to set up a meeting with me or have further questions, please email me!
My name is Ms. Salazar! My biggest role as a College and Career Coach is supporting teachers and students directly. I plan and teach lessons to help students become self-aware, set future goals, and become acquainted with the CSU and UC system. I join Advisory classes weekly for students who are in need of extra social emotional support as well as an after-school club to help students connect with each other. Motivating students early on about their future and developing social skills will provide students with a stronger foundation going into high school and after.