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Magnet Coordinator

Mr. Mark Hayes

Phone: 818•832-5667


Performing and Visual Arts Magnet (PAVA)

Patrick Henry Performing and Visual Arts (PAVA) Magnet will meet the needs of students, providing them a vehicle for new ways of learning through the lens of the arts. Students will create original authentic performances and pieces for their peers, families, and community, connecting their passion for the arts to the human experience. This process will be developed through a rich and rigorous academic program with a differentiated approach to encourage diverse school experiences focused on adolescent needs, interests, and learning styles to prepare our students to be college and career-ready. This process prepares students to develop intellectually, creatively as well as holistically, in order to establish the relevancy and resiliency needed for the next level of their learning. Patrick Henry Performing and Visual Arts Magnet embraces the diversity of all of its students by recognizing that all students deserve a safe, inviting, supportive and nurturing environment where they will feel respected, valued, and challenged.


Magnet Profile:

  • Innovative performing and visual arts program

  • Specializing in dance, theatre arts production, music and art

  • Arts integration in core classes

  • Project-based learning

  • Dance class for P.E. option

  • Experienced and dedicated teachers

  • Active PAVA Magnet Booster Club 


2022/2023 Elective Classes

Link to 2022/2023 Elective class offering